GLAM Privacy Policy

Welcome to the GLAM Privacy Policy(the terms "Policy")!

Cupist Inc.(the terms "us", "we", the "Company") uses your personal information only within the terms to which you have agreed to and to give you a better experience on GLAM (the terms "App"). We will never provide your personal information to third parties if you have not agreed to them or if it goes against the law or any other regulations regarding privacy. If there are any changes to the Policy, then we will make an announcement so you can easily understand any of the changes that have taken place. To protect your privacy and rights as well as to take immediate, effective action, the Company has set the following terms and conditions.

Your personal information is used to provide a better experience on the App!

We store your personal information to provide a better experience on the App. Within the Terms and Conditions(these "Terms") to which you’ve agreed to, we may need to go through a verification process, store your birthday, account, and/or your device information. In addition, your personal information is also used to match you with other users and for notification purposes. Your personal information is also used to confirm your membership sign-up, to verify identity in order to provide membership service, and for payment and account purposes. Finally, we store your personal information in order to prevent any conflict concerning individual announcements or questions concerning App usage, consuming contents or sending/shipping payments and bills for in-App purchases, as well as to check the feasibility in developing a new product or providing a customizable feature for the App, improve features within the App, provide different features or advertisements based on demographics, provide opportunities to take part in or know of different events or advertisement information, carry out responsibilities according to the law or other regulations, and prevent any damages that you could encounter concerning the law or the Terms.

To provide a better experience on the App, we store the following information about you.

We store your phone number, and your contacts (third party numbers, names) saved on your phone or device contacts list, username via your individual application, program, written form, phone, email, or entry to an event. When using your App Account(the terms "Account"), basic information such as email, password, birthday, location, gender, photo, blood type, city-based location, personality, body type, occupation, school, religion, and whether you smoke/drink. Information such as workplace and ideal type is stored selectively. Also, your terminal information(OS, screen size, device ID) and IP address can be stored automatically while using the App or during the process of conducting business. We only store personal information once you’ve agreed to the Terms and we will only then provide you with our App. We do not use ‘cookies’ that continually stores and brings information from users of the App.

However, to provide a better experience on the App, we resort to third-party sources in dealing with personal information when needed.

The App can resort to third-party sources when it comes to dealing with personal information to provide a better experience on the App. Please check out the following details concerning consignments to third-party sources for dealing with personal information.

After all your personal information(that you’ve agreed to) are stored and used for the purposes outlined in the Terms, they will be deleted unless they are required to be stored by law or needed according to internal policies.

All your personal information that we have already stored after agreeing to the Terms and used for the purposes outlined in the Terms will be deleted after being stored in a separate Database(a file cabinet in the case that they are in paper form) operated by the affiliated legal authority for a certain period. All paper forms will be destroyed via shredder or by incineration, and all personal information saved via electronic forms will be destroyed with technology that would prevent someone from recovering any deleted data. However, to prevent any conflicts over the use of the App, any data related to fraudulent use of the App will be stored for a year before being destroyed by the method listed above. Please refer to the following section, which details how each personal information is stored and the associated law and regulations based on the different types of information.

We always strive for trust and precision when it comes to personal information.

The Company tries to have you update your personal information to its most recent version. Certain items are checked periodically for precision. The Company will delete any personal information that is suspected of being incorrect as it may cause unnecessary damage to the Company or other users on the App. In addition, if the App is damaged under any circumstances in which the users’ personal information is at risk of being compromised, the Company will stop running the App until all issues have been resolved.

We will protect your rights.

You can always look up, revise your personal information, withdraw from agreeing to the storing/using of personal information, or withdraw your membership from the App. You can specifically go to Settings within the App and go to Account Setting and select Delete Account. In addition, we will immediately delete your Account if you contact our Help Center via face-to-face, phone, or email. Anyone below the age of 14 must receive consent from a parent/legal guardian before joining the App. The Company must provide any personal information(reference, revise, delete specific information, withdraw from consent, etc.) regarding a minor when requested by a legal guardian without delay. If you request for a revision in your personal information, the Company will not use or display any of your personal information until the revision process is complete.

Any other questions or concerns?

If you have any questions, complaints, recommendations, or other concerns concerning your privacy, please contact the lead person and team in data protection. The contact for the lead person in data protection is listed below.

If there are any changes to the Policy, we will notify you separately.

We reserve the right to revise the Policy to reflect the changes made to the law and/or the App. If we do make any revisions, we will post the revised Policy and the Policy will be legally valid 7 days after the revised version has been posted. If you decide to continue to use the App, it will be seen that you have agreed to the revised policies as well.

Effective date

The terms were last updated on: 1 April 2016.